Saturday, August 2, 2008

this patch means a lot

My 2nd year in college is over and I am an official nursing student, in my 3rd yr now.
I don’t know how I will describe my 2nd yr in college, it’s like a roller coaster ride. It’s crazy, its freaking but still I cant help but to smile. Every single day I spent was amazing, was worth remembering. I met the best block section, I guess, B09, they were so special. I spent my 2 semesters with them. They are great people and I learned a lot from them. Its also where I met some of my professors, who taught me lessons not just from books but life lessons that serves as my guide.

I am the type of student who is not fond of studying, its rare for me to hold books, to write notes, and I don’t even prefer to bring bag with me in school. Many thought, I am not learning. However, the truth is that I really learned a lot. I learned so many things, in anatomy, literature, history etc but the most important things I learned is beyond the books. Its about life, love, relationship, friendship, commitment, expectation, demand, responsibility and many more. I learned about life and I know that there is a lot more to know.

Every day, is a day I need to survive. Moreover, what I notice is that, I have survived it because I do have great friends on my side. Friends that is willing to walk with me even barefooted. Friends who never turn their back to me every time I need help, I need support. They are the witnessed on everything, from the naughtiest things I did, up to the most rewarding moments I have. My friends are the one who really laughed at my corny jokes, they are the ones who can stand at my weird side, they are the one I can call on, they are there, and so am I for them. They are my true friends, I can count them with my fingers, they are few but do a lot for me, and they mean a lot for me. Moreover, my family and my creator, they are my source of strength they always going to be a part of me.

We all do have our own problems. I have my problem its just that how we will handle the problem right. Sometimes I still find myself, looking for what I want, what I like, what I don’t want to do, who will I be? (nurse???), will I do that, things like that. Right now, I am laughing and I am asking myself why I am typing these thoughts in my mind, maybe because I am bored and my fingers keep on typing. Just like how I deal with my problems, laughing though sometimes I end up crying, and I ask myself what to do. Does it, whatever will be the result, just go on, keep on, and do not stop. Life goes on right, but everything has an end it just a matter of how.

Like now, I am asking how I will end this. I don’t know, maybe just saying keep on smiling fish, life goes on and there a lot more waiting for you.